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Celine Solar Power Company

The Celine Power International S.L. focuses on the instalation of high-quality branded products in the field of renewable energies.
The Celine Power Team searches and tests the latest products in the field of Photovoltaic and Infraredheating systems.
Our actions are guided strictly to the individual needs of our customersso that we really do mean "Maximum performance at the best price"

Our customers

We take care of private consumers and companies We want to reduce household and office electric consumtion up to 50%,
so we also offer these additional energy saving companies:

Celine Power Group

"Celine Construction Power" responsible for the inside insulation of houses
"Celine Decorating Power" responsible for the external insulation of houses
"Celine Infra Power" sells the world's best infrared heaters, so you live healthier and also save a lot of electricity.

We also offer an entire solution for lighting (LED) and AA +1 electrical household appliances

Celine Power is the future-oriented company with the personal touch, we are happy with our services to help you save money.

We work at the white coast in spain, or office is here
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