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 Basic Components of an Installation


Photovoltaic solar panels (Paneles). Devices responsible for converting light from the sun into electricity. With the current technology level, each panel of normal dimensions is capable of providing about 150/200 Watts. May be necessary to install, adding their power, until needed.

Wind turbine (Aerogenerador). Element using the wind rotates a rotary that provides, via its controller, electric current to its accumulation and / or use. For detached houses used small wind turbines (up to 1 or 2 kW), small size (up to about 3 meters rotor diameter), low weight (from 8-20 Kilos) and which start with low wind (from 2 m / sec).

The simultaneous installation of the two elements (hybrid) provides a better use of solar energy (sun, 6-10 hours per day) and wind (wind, 24 lectures a day), and also, statistically, when there is considerable cloudiness, usually make a regular wind.

The hybrid system, to generate for many more hours a day, extends battery life, having many fewer cycles of charge / discharge, and allows us to install smaller capacity batteries need them for fewer hours per day, rationalizing investment.

ACCUMULATION (Acumulación)

Charging regulator or controller (Regulador). An electronic device that regulates and controls adequate battery charge from the generation, solar and / or wind prevents overloads suffer when you have a full load and panels and wind turbines are generating electricity.

Battery (Bateria). Element responsible for storing the electricity generated to deliver in times where it is necessary, either because there is no sunlight and / or wind, or because the power promptly demanded is greater than that generated.

CONSUMER (Consumo)

Investor (Inversor). Electronic device that converts DC power from the generation and / or accumulation (usually 12 to 48 V) alternating current of 220 V. 50Hz suitable for use in homes and / or offices