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 Celine  Power presents "Power & Save" © the most efficient and economic solar system in spain

Maximum performance at the best price

Celine Power "Power & Save"
is the perfect solar (PV) system for spain.

- is optimally adjusted to your needs
- is optimally adjusted to your budget
- reduces your currently power consumption
- reduces your future power consumtion
- permitted by new law 2013
- you are wearing to improvement in the environmental
- makes you independent of any current electricity supplier

..and at the best price performance ratio in spain

The best savings solution in spain

The Celine Power PV Team
do not only sell the best at the best price,
we advise you to the best solution and help you
to save even more money,
we are a future-oriented and a professional team ( think clever & sunny ),
we use the nature and protect the environment
( live healthier & be clever ),
we use the latest technologies in the field of sun energy (PV) and infrared heating system (IR).
With both products, we offer you the best and most economical solution for your home
We welcome you to our team



Celine Power present "Power & Save"©


( silver and gold edition ) 


Power & Save was developed specially for Spain, since it was banned (2013) to feed Solar (PV) 

 into the grid. Our system is easy to install just .. plug into the house wall socket


Power & Save: Connect it and Save. It is that simple to convert sunlight into electricity, with Power & Save solar system with integrated inverter, controler and aditional energy storage ( Battery ) from Celine Power International S.L.Spain


Electricity flows directly from the solar panel into your socket and can reduce the electricity from 25 per cent up to 100%. You simply plug the outgoing power cable of the system into a socket. Several panels can be connected in between each other. In addition, the integrated energy storage ensures that electricity produced during the day is available at night.

Whether you are a tenant or an owner – you will always find a sunny place for the panels in the garden, on the terrace or the roof, on the façade or on the balcony. The corresponding mounting accessories are part of the complete system

Power & Save Edition 2013

Power & Save silver edition

Power  Save Solar kit 250wp without battery by Celine Power La Marina Spain

The Power & Save "silver edition" solar modules come with a micro inverter and without energy storage and can be upgraded, so that up to 15 of them can compile one system. The modular system features a plug-in power supply and sets new standards in every sense.

Power & Save gold edition

Power  Save Solar kit 250wp with battery by Celine Power La Marina Spain

Our Power & Save " gold edition " solar modules comprise energy storage and a micro inverter and can be interconnected, so that up to 15 of them  can compile one system. The modular system features a plug-in power supply and sets new standards in every sense.

Arrange a free, no obligation appointment with our experts, we'll make an offer, that is tailored exactly to your needs and your budget.


Celine Power International S.L.

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